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Battery Charger Wiring Diagrams:

These are our most commonly requested wiring diagrams, suitable for typical customer needs. We will gradually be adding additional relevant information to the list. To limit confusion, obscure details are kept archived at the tech support offices. Feel free to contact us with these requests.

Note: Only qualified personnel or licensed electricians should attempt the re-tapping of transformers. GB is not responsible for the information published by other manufacturers.

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files:



Download Adobe Acrobat Reader




Click the desired link to view in PDF format.

If the image does not appear due to a pop-up blocker, press Ctrl / enter, or right click and choose “save as”. If you still cannot download the information, contact our tech support dept. and we will e-mail you the necessary wiring diagram.


Full instruction manuals may not be available for all models, and usually do not contain detailed troubleshooting or repair instructions. If you require help making a repair, please contact tech support directly.


Visually identify the manufacturer of your charger:  ChargerPhotos

Ametek Chargers – See “Hobart”, below

Manufacturer: Ametek, formerly known as Hobart.

C&D / Charter Power

 image022 Ferro Five Series


·          Ferro Five

·          FR

·          EFR

·          Liberty

·          Revolution

·          Ranger II

·          Compucharge

·          Scout

image022 Ferro Charge IFR Series


·          Ranger II

·          Compucharge

·          Scout

·          FR

CEN / AES / Chloride Chargers

image022 Wiring Diagram - Covers most models.

Manufacturer of the following brands:

·         Chloride Electro Networks.

·         Applied Energy Solutions (AES).

·         Battery Builders

·         BBI

·         Berg Gibson

·         Crusader

·         GNB – all FER models.

·         Pacific Chloride

·         Power Flow

Charge Master – Charge control retrofit kit

image022 Installation Diagram

·         Manufacturer: All Tech.

·         This is an aftermarket charge control for Ferro Resonant chargers.

Deka – See the “Hobart” section, below.


Douglas Chargers

·         Legacy Gold Chargers

·         Models DLG1B6-180 to DLG3B36-600

·         Legacy Gold Series Chargers
Models LF/LGF

·         Bronze and Silver Charger

·         Platinum CFR Charger
Model #'s LP1B6-200CFR to LP3B36-865CFR

·         Legacy Ultra Charger

·         Legacy Platinum CFR Installation & Operation Manual


ENERSYS Battery Chargers (Formerly “Exide” and “Yuasa”)

image022 Exide Model D3E - Depth Charger (3ph) Wiring diagram

image022 Exide Model D3E2 - Depth Charger- Full manual

image022 Exide Model D3G - Depth Charger- Full manual

image022 Exide Model ETS

image022 Exide Model GTS2 Renegade - Full manual

image022 Exide Model GTX Renegade - Full manual

image022 Exide Model LH1 - Load Hog (1ph)

image022 Exide Model LH3 - Load Hog (3ph)

image022 Exide Model LT2 Load Hog - Full manual

image022 Exide Model NPC (Low Resolution) >>High Resolution Version.

image022 Exide System 1000 (1ph) <<45.72MB Download

·          For the Hertner version, see “Hertner / Exide” below.

image022 Exide System 3000

·          For the Hertner version, see “Hertner / Exide” below.

FERRO MAGNETICS Battery chargers

image022 Wiring Diagram

·         Older GNB models; GTC, GSS

·         Kodiak

·         Power Factor

GENERAL Battery Charger

image022 General Cobra charger, model SCG.

GNB Battery Charger Owners Manuals (Now known as “Exide”) (1993 to present).

image022 FER100 Manufacturer: CEN. Also covers “Chloride” and “North East”.

image022 CHP100 Manufacturer: SAFT.

image022 GTC Manufacturer: Ferro Magnetics.

image022 DEC200

image022 FLX200 Manufacturer: SAFT.

image022 SCRFLX Manufacturer: SAFT.

image022 SCR100 Manufacturer: SAFT.

image022 SCR200 Manufacturer: SAFT.

image022 SPP Pow'rPak Series Manufacturer: SAFT.

GOULD Battery Chargers (See Hobart for other versions)

image022 Gould model GBR Manufactured by La Marche.

HERTNER Chargers

image022 Hertner / Exide wiring diagrams - Covers most models.

image022 Hertner Model TRC

image022 Hertner Model Similar to TRC, 1969


image022 Hobart1975 to 1979.

*  Now known as Prestolite, a division of Ametek.

*  Manufacturer of most “Deka” brand chargers.

*  Covers all Gould “GFC” models, 1975 to 1979.

Hobart Chargers (also covers most Deka models)

>Current Owner's Manual

§  Accu-Charger

§  Accu-Charger Multiple Circuit

§  AGV Ultra Charge

§  Battery Mate 100

§  Battery Mate 80

§  Battery Mate 60

§  Battery-Mate Multiple Circuit

§  Eclipse Owner's Manual

§  Equinox

§  Low Profile Multiple Circuit

§  LTD Manual

§  Multi-Range Accu Charger

§  PAC800

§  Power Pro 100

§  Power Pro 80

§  Power Pro 60

§  Power Mate

§  PowerStar

§  SCR1000 Control

§  SCR2000 Control

§  Ultra Charge

§  Ultra Charge Multi-Circuit

§  Ultra Maxx

§  Ultra Extreme

AC500 Control

·          AC500 ( 551k)

·          Owner's Manual AC500 Charge Control ( 594k)

AC1000 Control

·          AC1000 ( 544k)

·          AC1000 Owner's Manual (Current) ( 200k)

·          AC1000 Owner's Manual (prior to July 1, 2009) ( 270k)

AC2000 Control

·          AC2000 ( 674k)

·          AC2000 Retrofit Kit ( 490k)

·          Owner's Manual AC2000 Charge Control Retrofit Kit ( 490k)

·          Owner's Manual AC2000 Control ( 552k)


>Obsolete Owner's Manuals

§  Owners Manual 250CII Charger Control

§  Owners Manual 450C & 460C Charger Control

§  Owners Manual 950C Charger Control

§  Owners Manual SC1000 Charge Control

MAC Charger Owners Manuals

·          Magnum II

·          Quantum II

·          ET80

·          SCR

·          AC Voltage Adjust Board Change-Over Procedure

·          FERRO Troubleshooting Flow Chart

·          SCR Troubleshooting Flow Chart


Obsolete Owner's Manuals

·          Phazer (M13577)

·          Magnum/Quantum (M9208G)



Still have questions? Need Parts? Contact TECH SUPPORT:    EmailTechSupport




DISCLAIMER: Every year, we sell a large number of reconditioned chargers of various makes and models. Many of these models have since been discontinued. Eventually, these chargers are relocated and it becomes necessary to reset them for a different AC input voltage. Rather than faxing or e-mailing this information on a daily basis, we have made the most common AC wiring diagrams available.


Only discontinued manuals reside on our servers; current production model manuals reside on the manufacturer servers. If you represent one of the above manufacturers and object to this information being made available, contact our tech support dept. Please be sure the manual(s) you object to reside on our servers.




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